About - Mansa Photography

Manpreet is an architectural, interior and lifestyle photographer.

The love affair with light, images and photography started several years back. It started the quest, which continues today, to learn from the best, and perfect his art. Starting at a local camera club he worked his way to Bombay to train under a legend of the photography world, the late Wilas Bhende, before going on to study at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA.

Having served the advertising industry and numerous businesses in New Delhi, Dubai and Toronto, Manpreet now calls Vancouver home.

To find out how best his photography skills could help your special spaces stand out call 1(604) 396-1755


“Manpreet, we are so happy with your photos. Thank you.”

- Sandra Landreth-Kerr | Director of Marketing - Chartwell Retirement Residences, Missisauga, ON -

“ … I can't believe you make these homes look so amazing.”

- Shamy Kaul | Marketing Manager - Chartwell Retirement Residences, Missisauga, ON

“I have never met a photographer that is so in tune with what he wants to see produced. He was phenomenal and I am so appreciative of his efforts to give us the best possible pictures.”

- Penny Wight | GM at Chatsworth retirement residence, Kelowna, BC

“We have worked with other photographers for various events – Manpreet’s photos were amazing! He managed to capture the ambience and eloquence of our event with his photographic style, capturing even the most candid moments while delivering on the perfect shot! His advanced technical skills, combined with his aesthetic eye, demonstrated his understanding of the ‘art and science’ of photography. And he is a pleasure to work with, understanding and being receptive to often changing client needs.”

- Immigrant Employment Council of BC

"We just received the photos from your shoot last week. They are just simply beautiful. I am not surprised because you were so focused, dedicated and charming with our residents. Leigh and I so enjoyed working with you. Thank you for this gift of time and creativity."

- Dale Gould | Sales consultant at Churchill Retirement Residence, North Vancouver, BC

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